Crypt Crawler pull old school death metal and traditional tones together with a modern approach. They write well-crafted metal with intelligent horror concepts and themes within their lyrics. It’s a brutal, yet melodic blend of elements reaching into the most primal corners of a heavy metal fan’s soul.
Formed in 2018, Crypt Crawler worked to self produce their debut album ‘TO THE GRAVE’, released in 2019. A successful album launch saw the band create a name for themselves in the Perth metal scene. Crypt Crawler continued their strong momentum by expanding their discography with an EP titled ‘BLOOD SUSTENANCE’ in 2020.
Crypt Crawler launched to new heights in 2021 with the release of their anticipated second full-length album ‘FUTURE USURPER’, which sold out first pressings of CDs, Vinyl and merchandise. With touring still not possible during this year, the band pushed forward by releasing a DIY broadcasted live stream performance titled ‘TRANSMISSIONS FROM THE FUTURE’. 
Supporting legendary acts such as US Death Metal titans Skeletal Remains and Australian Grindcore veterans King Parrot, 2022 was a big year for Crypt Crawler, helping boost their presence in the Australian metal scene.
With production of their third full length album underway, along with 2023 seeing the band tour Australia multiple times, Crypt Crawler are a great example of a hard working band who are dedicated and strive to project themselves on a global scale.
Future Usurper (2021)
The second full length album by Crypt Crawler, with amazing cover art by Juanjo Castellano Rosado.
Crypt Crawler - To the Grave (2019)
To the Grave (2019)
The debut full length album, influenced by old school death metal such as Death, Obituary and Morbid Angel, along with other modern death metal bands. The album cover, illustrated by Mark Riddick (RiddickArt), perfectly captures the tone and horror themed lyrics of this onslaught of an album.
Crypt Crawler - Blood Sustenance (2020)
Blood Sustenance (2020)
Written during the recording of To the Grave, the EP showcases some alternative material to the band's established sound, with inspiration from Swedish Death Metal
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