CRYPT CRAWLER is a death metal band hailing from Perth, Western Australia, conjuring an old school sound together with a modern approach. Since their formation in 2018, they have unleashed a relentless assault of neck snapping riffs, blistering solos, technical drums and an undeniable sense of melody, cementing their place in the Australian extreme metal scene.
In 2019, CRYPT CRAWLER made their mark with the release of their debut album, ‘TO THE GRAVE’. This intense offering showcased their mastery of the genre, incorporating elements of old school death metal with modern nuances. The album garnered acclaim, establishing CRYPT CRAWLER’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with. Following their debut, they continued their onslaught with the release of ‘BLOOD SUSTENANCE’ in 2020, an EP which solidified their reputation as purveyors of brutality, while showcasing their ability to craft catchy hooks and merciless riffs.
Never slowing down, CRYPT CRAWLER launched to new heights in 2021 with the release of their anticipated sophomore album ‘FUTURE USURPER’, which has sold over 500 combined copies on CD and vinyl. This offering showcased their musical maturity and songwriting prowess, delving into more intricate and progressive arrangements, while maintaining their signature brand of death metal. With touring still not possible during this year, the band pushed forward by releasing a DIY broadcasted live stream performance titled ‘TRANSMISSIONS FROM THE FUTURE’, complimented by a sold out pressing on cassette. 
CRYPT CRAWLER’s blistering live performances have earnt them opportunities to support acclaimed acts such as US death metal titans Skeletal Remains and Australian grindcore legends King Parrot. These experiences further sharpened their skills and exposed them to wider audiences. 
Currently, the group is hard at work recording their highly anticipated new album, which promises to push the boundaries of their sound even further and deliver their best material yet. Alongside their studio endeavours, the band has embarked on two successful Australian tours this year, spreading their brand of death metal to eager metalheads across the country. CRYPT CRAWLER is destined to leave an indelible mark on the international death metal scene for years to come.

Future Usurper (2021)
The second full length album by Crypt Crawler, with amazing cover art by Juanjo Castellano Rosado.
Crypt Crawler - To the Grave (2019)
To the Grave (2019)
The debut full length album, influenced by old school death metal such as Death, Obituary and Morbid Angel, along with other modern death metal bands. The album cover, illustrated by Mark Riddick (RiddickArt), perfectly captures the tone and horror themed lyrics of this onslaught of an album.
Crypt Crawler - Blood Sustenance (2020)
Blood Sustenance (2020)
Written during the recording of To the Grave, the EP showcases some alternative material to the band's established sound, with inspiration from Swedish Death Metal
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